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The Helpful Horse provides horseback riding instruction by certified instructors, utilizing a trained team of horses, and PATH INT'L certified instructors and volunteers, working to carry out its primary mission of providing Therapeutic Riding, as well as a comprehensive un-mounted

therapeutic equine program for children, teens, and adults of ALL abilities, and/or special needs.

Also, to provide therapeutic discussion groups for various life transitions. Riding and groundwork Sessions may be therapeutic by nature, but are NOT THERAPY, and are NOT HIPPOTHERAPY.

Located at Stanhope Stables, in beautiful Huntington, New York.  

Horses have the ability to mirror what human body language is telling them and therefore provide us with metaphors, and lessons about ourselves to help facilitate change.

The presence of a horse is considered "Therapeutic" in itself, since it is a dynamic and powerful living being. There is a special bond that can develop between humans and horses.

Shelley DeJesu

PATH International Certified Instructor / EAGALA Model Certified

Shelley has been involved with horses since the age of 9. Volunteering at barns has given her knowledge and understanding of the horse. Shelley's career in Therapeutic Riding began as a volunteer at different therapeutic riding facilities and eventually led to teaching and working with the needs of each individual rider. Shelley's philosophy is: safety first, while combining fun with a learning experience for the student. Helping the student attain goals towards independence. Shelley teaches the rider skills and horse knowledge, so that the horse and rider can become a unified team. Shelley has also had extensive experience working with Women's groups, Veterans, and senior groups, at different facilities. She has also worked in conjunction with Licensed Clinical Social Workers to run successful Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, as well as Equine Facilitated Learning programs. Shelley is a certified therapeutic riding instructor under the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, (PATH Int'l), a global authority, resource, and advocate for equine-assisted activities and therapies. Shelley also received certification in the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association) model. Shelley is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, and studied in Paris France for years before returning to New York, where she worked for a large sportswear manufacturer, which eventually led to her running a private sportswear company, and traveling extensively. Shelley lives on LI with her husband, two sons, Hazel her bloodhound, and her beautiful horse Ophelia.

For certain un-mounted programs, The Helpful Horse also works with a team of independent professionals such as:

Certified Teachers

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Licensed Art Therapists

Recreational Therapists

Our Amazing Volunteers!

Our Programs are dependent on volunteer assistance. Without our dedicated, hard working, trained volunteers, we would not be able to provide quality services to our participants. Our Volunteers are trained in all areas. From working with our students of all abilities, to working and understanding the horses.

Volunteers contribute to helping the students gain confidence, and self-esteem. Volunteers also find great reward working with individuals with special needs and learn the benefits that horses can have for all. Our goal is for the participant to have a successful, fun experience!

For information on becoming a trained volunteer for therapeutic riding, please email us at:

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