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Our Un-mounted programs enable individuals, who do not wish to ride, to experience activities with our equine friends on the ground. Completing exercises such as grooming, leading through obstacle courses, etc, can be extremely beneficial in improving self - confidence, and self - esteem.

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Intensive Study Programs

This horse care course is an ideal way to find out more about how to care for, understand and handle horses.

The Helpful Horse strongly believes in continuing education. Whether you are a beginner or thoroughly well versed in Equine Husbandry, we believe that through collaboration with various Equine Specialists, there is always something new to empower our knowledge. 

Throughout the year, we offer various programs. Programs run about 1.5 to 2 hours a day and are generally for 4-5 days. Below is a sampling of a week-long intensive course in the basic horse care area. We also offer courses in holistic and alternative care.

Monday: Health & Safety, Preparing a stable for the horse, Horse Behavior, Intro to feeding, Handing and leading safely.

Tuesday: Types of bedding and mucking out methods, Grooming, Types of feed, Leading and turning out safely.

Wednesday: Barn care and maintenance, feeding different horses, field checks.

Thursday: Rugs - type, fit and checking for safety, Signs of good and ill health and how to check your horse's health.

Friday: Practical assessment in morning covering everything from the week. Quiz and handing out of certificates in afternoon.

Student to Certified instructor ratio is 3-1

Maximum attendance for each course is 6 students

Age groups are from 9-12 and 13-18

Please contact us for current course offerings.

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