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Client Testimonials

What a great experience my daughter and I had . I brought my daughter, who was very shy and somewhat apprehensive about riding, to have her first lesson. I really appreciated all the patience Shelley and the volunteers had with her. After a few minutes in the saddle, she felt comfortable, and really seem to enjoy it. I found that she really liked the grooming of the horse part of the lesson, which is not always offered at other riding facilities. The staff is very professional, and the horses are beautiful. 

Maria - Therapeutic Riding Lesson Program

I am so indebted to Shelley, Ana, Juliana and Ophelia for all that they have given me. Not only is my confidence renewed, but I now have an arsenal of valuable tools and beautiful memories to fuel my days going forward. These profound sessions touched my mind and my soul in a way that I never could have imagined. I am eternally grateful to the entire team for this powerful experience - but most of all to the noble Ophelia - whose humbling majesty will forever live in my grateful heart.                                                    

Tina - Women in Life Transitions Group (un-mounted)

My experience at The Helpful Horse was wonderful! Shelley is encouraging, and the surroundings are beautiful, but the best part was getting clarity and focus on my own life. It was calming, fun, and gave me the positive energy to find what I needed and to move in the right direction toward those goals. It is amazing how much we can change our lives through time spent with this special horse and instructor.

Sarah - Women in Life Transitions Group (un-mounted)

I am currently taking riding lessons under the professional direction of Shelley DeJesu of The Helpful Horse . Shelley is an experienced rider who is sensitive to the needs of her students! The Helpful Horse gives the student the knowledge, understanding and the experience of the art of Horsemanship. Groundwork with the horse gives the student the hands on experience of getting to know the horse as a living being and what goes into the taking care of that living being. Riding gives the student the techniques of horseback riding, but also takes the student into a new dimension that two living beings are working together in harmony as one. Shelley DeJesu and The Helpful Horse is one important example of LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST !!

Angie - Therapeutic Riding / Groundwork Lesson Program

My name is Diana and I am 14 years old, I will be attending my first year of High School in September. I have been volunteering with Shelley DeJesu since I was 11 years old. I love spending time with Shelley and her beautiful horse Ophelia at Stanhope Stables. I have learned so much from just simply watching Shelley teach. She is a wonderful, caring instructor who loves working with children and horses. She is motivated to give each student a great experience by catering to their individual needs while making safety her number one priority.

Shelley loves her students and enjoys seeing them progress as they become more independent riders. What is unique about Shelley is that she not only teaches students how to ride horses, she also instructs them on ground work and general horse care. It is important for students to contribute to the care of the horses.

My role is to assist Shelley by leading horses during lessons and to provide encouragement and support to students. I also provide horse grooming instruction. I am happy to assist Shelley with her programs at the Helpful Horse. 

Diana- Volunteer, Therapeutic Riding Lesson Program

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