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The Helpful Horse

Therapeutic Riding program

Our Therapeutic Riding program teaches riding, horsemanship, grooming and groundwork to students of all abilities.  Our certified instructors  use Equine oriented activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well being of individuals with special needs.   

Therapeutic riding lessons are recreational, beneficial, and therapeutic by nature, but are NOT considered therapy.

Our main goal is for the student to have fun!

Some benefits of Therapeutic Riding include:

Improved self confidence. Sense of Empowerment

                                                                      Better communication skills and increased attention span

                                                                       Stronger Core. Improved balance for better posture.

Horses are responsive to Human emotion, and non verbal communication.

Horses can help participants to learn positive and productive communication skills. 

Please call to schedule an evaluation ...                                                                                   

Half hour private lesson / lesson packages- please call for pricing.

Riding lesson is also available for siblings and friends.

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